Great races of the world - La Ruta De Los Conquistadores

There are a few races around the world that should be on every adventure athlete's list of things to experience. Surely this MTB race in Costa Rica is one of them. From the website:

"More than just a race, LA RUTA is a growing experience. It isn’t just about fighting over a few minutes or seconds and beating a competitor. The race is about the journey and all that it entails – learning about yourself, making friends, being helped, and helping others along the way.
To enjoy (and survive!) LA RUTA, you have to be flexible, because of the ever changing environments the course passes through...Patience is a virtue if you don’t want to be constantly fighting your own frustration.
LA RUTA is not for everyone. It possesses a spirit of its own, and racers require several important qualities, including a high level of fitness, mental toughness to fight through pain, an appreciation for being challenged, and the inner spirit to feed off the beauty surrounding them."


Navigating on the MTB

Want to improve your MTB orienteering? Or just keen to give it a try? Here are some tips to help you navigate efficiently and quickly on the MTB.



Lighting systems

Have you ever wanted to see in the dark while riding? Here are some things you should know...

  • Bike lighting systems - here are some basics about bike lighting systems and the options available...(Bike lighting systems 101)

Bike set-up

For recreational athletes, the riding position is often the area where the most performance gains can be made. Check out the following to learn more about bike set-up.

  • The website of road bike manufacturer Cervelo has a number of technical articles explaining bike positioning and aerodynamics.
  • The US-based triathlon web resource also contains a series of articles on triathlon bike set-up.




Single speed MTB

  • Want to bask in the awe and respect from your fellow riders? Or maybe get a reputation for being seriously hard? Or are you just after some serious, unnecessary punishment? Try converting that old but still loved wheeled-steed into a single speed. More on the joys of the single speed steed here...









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